Na’Vi Drops their Hearthstone Division | The State of Competitive Hearthstone

Natus Vincere cuts their Hearthstone division, Team Archon’s Hearthstone division disbands, and tournaments ATLC, Viagame House Cup, Hearthstone Pro League, and Vulcun Deckmasters have shut down over the last few months.

Is Competitive Hearthstone on the decline?

No. But the exponential growth of its competitive scene is leveling off but will continue to grow or at the very least maintain itself. & NRG both started their own Hearthstone Divisions so obviously there are people who still believe in the competitive Hearthstone scene and are showing their belief with their gold.

Blizzard is taking over the competitive schedule for Hearthstone by making their annual tournament schedules more demanding not allowing top tier players the time to play in as many 3rd party leagues causing many to shut down. That means lost income for the players as well but Blizzard is offsetting that lost revenue by increasing their prize pools.

There are still great 3rd party Hearthstone Leagues running strong, it’s mostly the smaller ones that have been dying off. But that’s ok because we didn’t care about Barb anyways… you were kind of naggy Barb… but we are still sad you died.

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