The Value Add of an Organization for Solo Game Players

Should players of single player games sign with an Esports Organization?

Yes only if there is a clear value add for both sides. If you’re joining a team just to be apart of a team then it’s not worth it. Here’s a list of things both sides can offer and exchange with each other to make a worthwhile partnership.

Players can offer

    • Stream time where they are on camera playing video games
    • Producing recurring vlog posts
    • Wearing team or sponsored logos while in the public eye
    • Appear in Ads for the team, or sponsors of the team
    • And a percentage of prize winnings

Team organizations can offer

    • Housing, a work area with a gaming rig, travel, and accommodations
    • Coaching staff
    • Sales and Marketing team
    • And a percentage of advertising / sponsorship revenue

Just remember signing onto a team is an exchange of where you are able to provide something of value in exchange for an organization providing something of value to you. Cause honey no man’s gonna buy the cow if they can get the milk for free. mmmhmm.

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