Trevor Martin’s 2nd Gambling Scandal | United Games

Trevor Martin “Tmartn” publishes a video encouraging his viewers to sign up for United Games of which he is an affiliate of, where you can bet on live sporting events using in-game tokens that you purchase with real money.

Trevor expresses that it is not a form of betting and tweets “United Games has NO betting factor whatsoever.”

United Games states users that sign up as affiliates are placed into tiers below you of which you collect a percentage of what they spend and any other affiliates under them.

United Games replies to Eight Thoughts who broke the story stating Trevor Martin is acting independently and that their app has no form of gambling as players are “rewarded for their individual achievements, regardless of how other players do.”

Trevor Martin has since deleted the video and the affiliate link.

I’m starting to like this guy… we’ve still got to bust him that’s a given. But the guy is a gosh damn pyramid affiliate. This just keeps getting better and better. I’m sorry, I know this has got to be painful for the people suing him right now for CSGO Lotto. But you gotta admit it’s pretty damn funny. If it was just some idiot and not you guys, you’d be laughing your butt off.

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