Esports Nutshell News | September 16, 2016

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  • Immortals sign Smash Wii U player Jason Bates “Anti”
  • A-Rod announces his new NRG Gears of War Team Division
  • Immortals launch their Overwatch division
  • Manny Anekal’s Versus picks up Madden player Frank Sardoni “Stiff”
  • OGN announces their Overwatch league with a $177k prize pool hosted by DoA & MonteCristo
  • Square Enix announce their mobile MOBA game Flame x Blaze is en route to compete with VainGlory
  • MLG hosts the first Destiny Esports match using the game’s new Supremacy mode in their new expansion “Rise of Iron.”
  • Rob Pardo former World of Warcraft Designer launches his startup Bonfire Studios with other former Blizzard staff thanks to financial backing by Riot Games
  • ESPN acquires broadcast rights for the Drone Racing League and will broadcast on ESPN 1 & 2 starting October 23 & Sky Sports announce they will be airing the DRL as well
  • Anime and Esports continue their natural pairing with Cloud9 & Team Liquid landing a sponsorship deal with Anime’s version of Netflix Crunchyroll
  • China’s NiceTV, PLU, & Hero Sports pull their resources together to create Versus Programming Network VSPN which will publish & operate games on mobile devices
  • Razer launches their $30M “zVentures” fund to invest in companies in high growth industries, specifically the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Robotics, and Esports. You can go on their website now and give your pitch for a piece of their money
  • Blizzard Entertainment’s Creative Director Chris Metzen leaves Blizzard after 20 years of service to be picked up by the Metzen corporation where he will take on the role of husband and father
  • NRG uses Gamer Sensei to recruit players and coaches for their Hearthstone division then use their coaching services as well to help develop their players. To be considered players and coaches have to train for 10 hours on the Gamer Sensei platform.
  • World Esports Association WESA starts their “Player Council” to advocate on behalf of the players to discuss policies, rules, revenue sharing for teams, regulations, and player transfers… however 3 of the 7 teams elect a coach or manager in lieu of electing a player. Viktor Jendeby is elected by the players as the WESA Players Council Chairman.
  • Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear talks about owning Good Game Agency, which owns Esports organizations Evil Geniuses & Alliance, saying “We’ve struggled with team ownership… we don’t want to try to go and acquire all the teams in the space… we won’t purposefully acquire teams.”
  • Mobalytics wins the Startup Battlefield at Disrupt 2016 and $50k. Mobalytics is a coach for competitive League of Legends players using analytics to give them a visual look at their performance stats and easily identify what they need to work on. Their Gamer Performance Index visually maps their performance in fighting, farming, vision, aggression, survivability, and teamplay.
  • UC Irvine launches the first US public college Esports arena with 80 PCs from iBuyPower, casting studio, and viewing screens with acting director of Esports Mark Deppe leading the charge. The facility cost $250k and will charge everyone $4/hour to use it. The school is also offering 10x $5k scholarships for its League team. is working to even out the gender ratio of the organization from the top with their female coordinator of the arena to the reciepients of the  scholarships given.
  • International eBoost society announces their cryptocurrency for competitive gaming called eBoost token made for in game betting on matches between players. eBoost competes with cryptocurrency Leet & Gamerholic coin. When asked why not just use Bitcoin they said “Due to Bitcoin’s stagnant nature, we had to create our own.” Inadvertently vouching for the stability of BitCoin which is criticized for its price volatility. Apparently the best way to make money is to create your own. Have a great weekend.

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