Nepenthez Charged w/ Underage Gambling by UKGC

The UK Gambling Commission files charges against YouTube personality Craig Douglas “Nepenthez” who has 1.3M subscribers & Dylan Rigby for promoting a lottery and advertising unlawful gambling, some of which involves underage gambling, going against the UK Gambling Act. One of the sites promoted FUTgalaxy uses virtual currency, FIFA Coins to gamble with.

Craig Douglas’ Twitter followers tweet him prior to the charges with their advice saying that he should say “FUTgalaxy wasn’t intended for use by minors.” Craig responds with “Let us worry about that kind of stuff, yeah. Jesus, lmao. Go annoy someone else, somewhere else.” Since then his response on the matter is “can’t talk about it at this moment in time.”

Why is making money off of underage gambling using virtual currencies a great idea?

Because you can get away with it unless you’re blatantly obvious about it, then worse case scenario you go to court and, get charged a few thousand dollars, maybe a month in jail but you’ll still clear a lot of money.

To be fair to the YouTube personalities promoting betting with virtual currencies… it’s a smart move because it’s an incredibly lucrative endeavor and until laws recognize virtual currency as traditional currency you can get away with a lot. So go, get out there and make lots of money taking advantage of the legal state of virtual currency while you still can.

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