Whalen Rozelle & Jared Kennedy Say… We’re Sorry

Yahoo Esports talks to the Co-heads of Riot Games Esports Divsion, Whalen Rozelle & Jared Kennedy. Whalen & Jared say they should have made a lot of the changes in their Esports division the community asked for, 1 – 3 years ago but they’re making them now. It’s true, the best time to plant a tree… 10 years ago, the next best time… Now.

The count for the word “mistake” rings in at 67 times & “Sorry” rings in at 17.

The more you love something the more passionate about it you are and also more vocal you are about it. Millions of people love League of Legends and are very vocal about it. They got so vocal that the public in and outside of League started looking at their alternatives… Blizzard Activision MLG & Valve ESL.

Riot is smart enough to know that if they don’t sway public opinion back in their favor they could see a mass exodus to Blizzard & Valve.

They made a good move to bring back their approval rating, albeit late, but still good. They threw Whalen & Jared in the spotlight to say we’re sorry we messed up, here’s some money, plans to make it better, and we promise to be more transparent, responsive and pro-active in making it better. If they stick to being all apart of the plan, they will stay on their Iron Throne.

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