Esports Nutshell News | September 23, 2016

Welcome to Esports Nutshell News I’m Mark Register

  • Dutch football club Ajax launches their Esports FIFA division
  • Gamurs acquires freelance Esports writing hub, Splitpush.Net
  • Turkish football club Galatasaray will soon start their own Esports division.
  • Nvidia organizes the first Overwatch Esports competition in India starting September 23rd.
  • H1Z1 preps for their second annual invitation tournament at TwitchCon with a $191k prize pool and counting.
  • Capcom Cup Street Fighter V tournament’s $250k prize pool gets a $90k cash infusion thanks to in game purchases.
  • ESL,, and WonderWorld VR deliver their Counter Strike ESL One New York Tournament Live in VR, not VOD, Live.
  • Sky invests $2M dollars in 24/7 Esports channel Ginx Esports TV. ITV will invest $2M in the future with equal 16.5% stakes in the company.
  • Cloud 9 League of Legends coach Bok Han-gyu “Reapered” gets his twitter account hacked and the hacker is looking for a buyer.
  • The 2017 Pokemon World Championships will include Pokemon Trading Card Game & Pokemon Sun & Moon games but not their Pokken fighting game.
  • Hacker Group PoodleCorp DDoS attacks Blizzard Servers saying they’ll stop when they get 2k retweets, pretty good way to build your social media following.
  • Riot Games and Yahoo Esports partner up to create University League of Legends Rivalries. Fans will be able to vote on their favorite traditional college feud match ups. The top 5 matchups will make up the 10 teams playing in that season.
  • Blizzard says they are creating a uniform format for their Esport Leagues across their game titles. Creating consistency in scheduling, casting, and broadcast quality year round. Blizzard is also introducing a relegation system akin to Riot Games’ Challenger League.
  • China Digital Group gives money for Brooklyn Nets basketball player Jeremy Lin to endorse Vici Gaming and to commemorate the deal the team will now be called Vici Gaming J, or Team VGJ for Jeremy. Not to be confused with a venereal disease or sexual act. Jeremy will serve as their honorary captain and the face of the organization.
  • BBC gives us a brief look into what their Research and Development team is working on. A reality TV talent show mixed with Multiplayer video games. The top rated players get to play on a mission where the surprisingly obnoxiously depressing host sends you on missions.
  • The top 16 teams are voted in for Overwatch World Cup set for November 4th where the players are paid an appearance fee & all expenses are paid but there will be no prize pool. Blizzard allowed fans to vote on what players they wanted to be in each country’s team filling up 4 player slots and then allowing the team captain to pick the last two players.
  • European School Survey Project on Alcohol and Other Drugs surveys 96k 15-16 year olds across 35 European countries to find 23% of males and 5% of females gamble online for money. 12% of males say they do so frequently. The ESPAD says “developing problems associated with gambling include accumulating debt, psychological deficits, and social disadvantages.” And I’ll leave you on that high note. Have a great weekend.

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