ESL’s Stuart Ewen – VR Esports is Just a Taste of the Real Thing

Stuart Ewen Product Manager at ESL explains why VR can only ever provide a taste of the real thing in Esports w/ Mark Register.

Mark – When is it going to be as good if not better watching this event from home than as if I was here?

Stuart – That’s a tricky question.

Honestly, I think never.

There’s something about being in an arena surrounded by thousands of fans that I don’t think you’ll ever be able to convey to people.

But VR… when I first played a VR Shooter called the Brookhaven Experiment I got a physical reaction from the game.

I was actually scared.

A zombie came up and punched me, I cringed, I flinched, and I started sweating.

If we’re able to capture the right moments at the event, I think that’ll deliver a taste of what it’s like to be there but there’s just an electricity and an energy in the venue I don’t think can be replicated by anything.

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