ESL’s James Lampkin “This is the Beginning of a New Generation of Sports for Our Society”

James Lampkin VP of Pro Gaming at ESL talks about the Esports being a new generation of sports for our society w/ Esports w/ Mark Register

James – I think Esports is going through some really interesting changes right now that are kind of hard to predict where they’re going to go.

We can see where some pieces are on the map and we can sort of predict where people are heading, what organizations are trying to do.

But there are so many wild cards with the financial aspect, where… yeah there’s tens of millions of dollars coming into the space right now but we don’t see any slow down on that, and we don’t see a slow down on interest, and we don’t see a slow down on people’s adoption of digital culture and tech involvement in their lives.

Yeah, I think this is the beginning of a new generation of sports for our society.

Some people might think that’s a little over the top but this is becoming hundreds of millions of people involved in this space and it’s just parts of their lives, they’re watching people play videogames.

So if you have the opportunity to get involved in it, now’s the time, to take a risk, to get involved.

This is still early, this is 2016 this is like 1916 baseball.

There’s a lot of time here to get involved to bring new skill sets that probably we haven’t see.

I started following this guy Dr. Levi, he’s a doctor, and he’s like “hey I want to help Esports athletes.”

Obviously it’s a business opportunity there for him… how crazy is it now that we got doctors marketing themselves to Esports athletes and to gamers in general saying hey I can make you a better gamer, that’s awesome.

I think we’re going to see so much more of that and people creating a new service industry for Esports and new products for Esports.

It’s a really exciting time and it’s going to get crazier in the future.

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