ESL’s James Lampkin “Kids Will be Numb to VR the Same Way We’re Numb to Violence”

James Lampkin VP of Pro Gaming at ESL talks about kids growing up with VR & being numb to it the way we’re numb to violence w/ Mark Register

Mark – Have you heard of The Void? The Void in New York is Hyper Reality where you have a headset and a body pack and you run around and it maps it out. My thought is eventually you’ll have these Counter Strike maps get built the basics of it then it maps it out but what Stuart Ewen was say was there’s a point where it becomes too real especially in fighting games specifically with fighting games, that it could be emotionally jarring where you could get PTSD from it.

Will Esports ever get to that point where they are mixing the physical and virtual / augmented reality worlds and if so what games are going to work well with that?

James – I buy that idea in some sense that it can be too intense. I can’t play horror games I can watch other people play horror games but I saw they have Resident Evil coming out on PSVR and I was like “Dude, not even a chance” that would kill me but I have a cousin who’s 14 years old female, loves horror movies, and I showed her this thing and she was like “ahhhhh” and literally ran to it and was like “mom yo, we are getting this” and I was like what… this is my little cousin.

I think it’s going to be a generational thing where my kids are going to be in VR and they’re gonna be like “dad you’re so lame, you’re scared” that’s probably going to be what it’s going to be for our generation.

You saw that picture of Mark Zuckerberg where the whole line of people are wearing their oculus rift headsets and it looks like some sci-fi dystopia… for a lot of young people they will just grow up with it.

Growing up with this experience they’ll sort of be numb, the same way we’re numb to violence.

You see this violence of some guy chopping this guy’s head off in the Witcher and they’re just getting sawed in half and if my mom saw that she would gasp and grab her face and I’d be like “come on mom you’re so old.”

I think our children will be numb to that sort of thing.

Ultimately if it’s a better entertainment experience then great we want to be apart of it.

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