ESL’s James Lampkin on the 1st Generation Growing up w/ Esports

James Lampkin VP of Pro Gaming at ESL talks about the 1st Generation Growing up w/ Esports w/ Mark Register

Mark – You said something along the lines of… I don’t really care if your parents like Esports it’s more about your kids and your kids’ kids, those generations are going to grow up with Esports being the big thing.

James – I try not to say it too bluntly or be ageist but I’ve never been super interested in if my dad was accepting of Esports because he’s 60 years old now.

To marketers, who are they looking to market to? They’re looking to market to young people who have disposable incomes probably because they’re not married yet, they don’t have kids yet, they have a bunch of disposable income, let’s sell them all these different products that they want anyway.

That’s good for the space.

I’m really interested in how many adopters we have coming from the 8 – 16 year old range, and we see a lot of it.

That’s super interesting to me.

And I just saw it when I came out of my hotel… I saw some mom coming back into the hotel and this kid was probably 10 or 11 years old maybe with this ESL One New York tee shirt and I was like “man I’m so pumped” because that could have been me as a kid going to my first Esports.

And that kid is going to grow up his entire life probably watching Esports and maybe this was one of his first experiences with it, and will be a lifelong fan.

And when his kids grow up they will just… Esports will just be a thing, this is the thing Esports.

As we get into more AR technologies, as that advances more, as VR advances more, this is just going to be part of our world… digital competition.

I’m really interested to see what happens with traditional sports and augmented reality for Esports and if there’s something that happens there.

You start to see a little bit of it with this drone racing stuff.

But we’ve been theory crafting about the things you could do with Augmented Reality with a physical nature of the sports.

Our future’s going to be crazy and our children’s future is going to be even crazier and Esports is going to be a big part of it I think.

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