ESL’s James Lampkin on CyberSmile & AnyKey

James Lampkin VP of Pro Gaming at ESL talks about AnyKey, CyberSmile w/ Mark Register

Mark – Right now you guys are working with AnyKey & CyberSmile, talk to me about those organizations and how accurate was South Park’s depiction of trolls?

James – I don’t want to say I have a history of trolling… I have a history of being snarky. I wouldn’t say I have a history of trolling.

These organizations are really important to us because you have an opportunity as a company to send messaging out into the market of “These are our are core values, these are the things we believe in, and these are the things we want to push forward, and do they align with our goals.”

AnyKey has been a really important initiative for us because we have a history of doing female Counter Strike leagues and things like that.

We’ve recognized that there’s an opportunity there for better competition and to bring more female participants into the industry.

You hear the standard arguments of, “It’s like the WNBA.”

You hear that but should you shut down the WNBA because it doesn’t have as many viewers as the NBA?

No I think that would be a terrible thing to do.

I think you have to create opportunity for something like AnyKey to actually create a solid foundation that allows, I don’t want to say “safe space” that’s quite a term these days…

You have to have a place where you can go “hey we’ve got goals that align with yours.”

If you’re someone who comes in… the Internet is a pretty dirty place these days, you’ve got to have a real thick skin to get by whether you’re a guy or a girl.

Having a network like that, that says “we’re a group of peers that want to get engaged in Esports” it’s a very good thing so we’re really happy to support it.

We’d like to see it evolve more in the future to offer into real competitive opportunities for female gamers and develop it into a really solid product that you get sponsored and develop careers for female participants

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