Esports Nutshell News | October 7, 2016

  • EDM DJ SA AKA Steve Aoki announces his investment in Team Rogue w/ Overwatch & Counter Strike teams at his Twitchcon expo performance. That makes Steve Aoki my book.

Welcome to Esports Nutshell News I’m Mark Register

  • William Hjelte Leffen gets his visa.
  • Call of Duty pro Phillip Klemenov dies in a car accident.
  • Virtus Pro G2A recruits Roman Dvoryankin as their General Manager.
  • Gears of War announce they will be making a movie about the game.
  • NRG acquires Kings of Urban Rocket League team to launch their Rocket League division.
  • Bing provides quick info on League of Legends & Counter Strike events in their search results
  • Guinevere Capital buys up the controlling shares in Oceania League of Legends team Dire Wolves.
  • Gears of War release their in game Gear Packs which part of the sales go towards Esports events and prize pools.
  • Spanish multimedia & communication group MediaPro merges with Esports League Liga De VideoJuegos Profesional, LVP.
  • German Football League Bundesliga trademarks their upcoming Esports league calling it eBundesliga & DFL Esport Bundesliga
  • Microsoft launches their daily tournament platform Xbox Arena using their Xbox Live Club feature to help players find and coordinate matches with each other.
  • Tournament organizer UMG cancels their $100k Call of Duty tournament at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando due to the impending impact of hurricane Matthew.
  • Ice-T shows up at ESL ONE NY saying “I expletive deleted, with it in a real way & you need to too – and don’t expletive deleted with Liquid cause they’re gonna bust that expletive deleted”
  • 18 year old American Starcraft player Neeb wins the Kespa Cup, a South Korean StarCraft tournament and becomes the first non-Korean player to win the tournament in 16 years.
  • Echo Fox’s CEO Jace Hall announces their new H1Z1 team recruiting system will work exclusively using stats from the organization Twin Galaxies’ Expert Skill Index leaderboard.
  • ELeague Overwatch Open’s first TBS broadcast brings in 280k viewers for its first broadcast beating out ELeague’s CSGO tournament average viewership at 255k viewers. For a game that is said to be unwatchable, it seems pretty watchable.
  • Riot Games announces they will re-releases solo queue and introduce a replay system; opens offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand; and announce their first sponsor in over a year, Acer who is sponsoring the League of Legends World Championship.
  • Charlotte VC firm Sierra Maya 360’s co-founders Amish Shah & Jeff Brokaw who invested at least a few million into buying Team EnvyUs and moving them to Charlotte, building a training facility, and an arena; and launches Esports job board RektJobs & Esports agency RektAgency.
  • French media company Webedia, owners of Millennium, excuse me Willenium Esports website, acquires ESWC & BangBang Management’s parent company Oxent and partners with Football Club Paris Saint-Germain to launch their Esports division. It’s rumoured they already signed two FIFA players and are looking to expand.
  • That’s it have a great weekend.

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