CS:GO Graffiti, Gloves, & Avatars

Valve’s Counter Strike update provides players with the new ability to spray graffiti in the game, a feature previously available in CS 1.6 but now comes at a price on the Steam Marketplace.

In 1.6 users were able to upload their own designs including porn images which serve as effective tools of distraction but now must go through the approval process of Valve before their design may be brought into the game.

Once the graffiti print is in the game each spray application lasts for 7 minutes and may be applied every 45 seconds or new round. You may make an additional graffiti tag with each kill you get. Each graffiti tag purchased or obtained through gameplay lasts for 50 in game applications until it is depleted.

Valve also has more cash printing skins in the works as Reddit user Waveitup Militia Veteran notes Valve has the following in game cosmetic purchases in the pipeline including: Glove Skins, Taunts, customizable avatar characters from head to toe including body armour, helmets, gloves, head changes, and eye wear.

Some argue this new inigame purchase is great as it’s purely cosmetic and has no affect on gameplay.

However the vocal majority at the moment on Reddit are asking for Valve’s skin as they turned a community favorite free feature into a disposable purchase, requiring regular payment for frequent use.

As most users suppress their true feelings in subreddits, we’d like to offer the comment section below as a safe place for you to express how you really feel about the subject.

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