S1mple Lessons Learned | Na’Vi & Personal Life

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostylev talks about coming home with Na’Vi and in his personal life w/ Mark Register.

Mark – Do you feel like you’re finally home with this team?

S1mple – Yeah. It was very hard to play with Liquid in another city without parents, without friends. For me it’s very comfortable to be at home and play for Na’Vi.

Mark – What have you learned over the last year since your move to Na’Vi

S1mple – I’ve learned a lot. I learned you shouldn’t be angry with your team. You should have a lot of respect for your teammates. I learned how to be always calm… because I know for myself if I’m so emotional in the game, I’m going to play very bad, and we’ll loose.

I learned how not be be tired when you practice.

I learned that before the tournament you shouldn’t play a lot so that your eyes will be in good form.

Before this tournament I had like 150 hours [logged] per two weeks.

And last total official matches were bad for us and we lost to HellRaisers and we lost to Fnatic.

But then I flew from Kiev to New York, I didn’t play for the first three days, now I’m feeling good.

Mark – You talked about how you learned how to not be emotional during gameplay which is hard because it gets emotional when you compete… how do you stay calm and keep emotions in check when you’re playing?

S1mple – I’m always calm at LAN’s because it’s not the game it’s very important for me and for my team and I understand this… I learned it after I lost a lot of tournaments. When I was so happy for my teammates because they won some clash… I learned it by myself. I’m always calm. If I’m not calm we’re playing very bad… especially me.

Mark – You said you learned a lot from your teammates, what have you learned from your teammates?

S1mple – For example Edward he’s never angry at the team, he’s always saying everything going to be good. He makes the team’s spirit better.

I’ve learned a lot from our manager. Every time before the game, he’s talking with us for thirty minutes and he makes us comfortable and confident in our game.

Mark – Well it sounds like you’re in a good place, thank you for making the time.

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