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The the first episode of A Musing Mark we cover the following topics:


  • 0:20 Modern Times Group acquires 35% of game developer publisher Innogames which has 150M registered players over their Elvenar, Tribal Wars, Grepolis, The West, and Forge of Empires. && Vivendi’s Canal Group partners with ESL to broadcast Esports matches and form a French Esports League for Canal Plus’s 14M subscriber base. && ESL makes a 5 year TV deal with South African broadcaster Kwesé Sports to broadcast ESL events
  • 1:33 Chinese Esports organization Tyloo Gaming gets a 10 year multi-entry visa for the US for their players and coach.
  • 2:15 FIFA President Gianni Infantino presents his FIFA 2.0 The Vision for the Future program including plans to commission a working group to take a share of the Esports market.
  • 2:46 Lee Yoon-Jae Rush says LCK League of Legends players get paid $2k a month.
  • 3:09 Hearthstone continues to hold steady as the #2 most watched game on twitch with 7.7M hours watched this week beating out CSGO & Dota
  • 4:35 Stephen Kaplan increases his investment in The Immortals
  • 4:40 Albus Nox Luna player Likkrit gets Chickenpox after beating ROX Tigers in their wildcard match last weekend. His teammate Kira said they’ve been sick for two months saying to Likkrit & PVPStejos “Ok if you are dying just play our game and then die afterwards, please.”
  • 6:09 The Virtual Football Organization announces their new FIFA17 tournament starting in January with six La Liga football teams playing matches with 11 players on each side like a traditional football game.
  • 6:49 Evil Geniuses, OG, and Team Secret decline invites to Dream League as it’s too close to the $3M Dota Boston Major
  • 7:30 Former WME Esports talent agent Brett Lautenbach becomes NRG’s President
  • 7:38 UPC Switzerland launch their Esports website creating content including news in German & French
  • 7:44 Blizzard updates Overwatch with two new heroes, maps, and spectator features like being able to place different cameras anywhere in the map and a dedicated camera focused on the objective all controllable by hotkeys while making all camera more steady and fluid to be less jarring. With the placed cameras you’ll be able to point your focus on different players using hot keys as well.
  • 10:15 Riot Games’ new initiative to contribute 25% of Championship Zed & Champion Ward sales to the World’s prize pool brings the tournament prize pool up from $2.1M to $4.1M.
  • 10:40 Lizard Squad’s Zachary Buchta from Maryland & Bradley Jan Willem van Rooy from Leiden both 19 are charged with conspiracy to cause damage to protected computers by a federal court in Chicago by Blizzard due to their DDoS attacks and trafficking stolen payment accounts. Lizard Squad is a for hire cyber crime groups Lizard Squad. The defendants are looking at a maximum of 10 years in prison who’s game servers are historically down
  • 12:10 Talent agency Orland John signs Astralis’ Counter Strike team, Ninja’s in Pyjamas manager Heaton & Alliance Dota player Loda. Heaton takes time out of his schedule to teach the Swedish Prince Daniel how to improve his Counter Strike aim by “aiming higher” Newb. The visit is for the non-profit GEN_PEP to promote healthy living for youth.
  • 12:43 VGambling Inc puts an offer to buy the Grand Princess Casino in Antigua to use as a 1,500 seat Esports arena
  • 12:55 Coca Cola creates a gaming PC with Maingear.
  • 13:31 To get ahead of any potential legal problems, EVE Online updates their End User License Agreement highlighting “You may not use, transfer or assign any game assets for games of chance operated by third parties.” This is in hopes to avoid a legal battle like Valve is facing with the Washington State Gambling Commission.
  • 14:09 After 6 months of being released, Overwatch hits 20M users
  • 14:16 Valve releases their new documentary series, True Sight, centered around Dota team players, only available for Fall 2016 Battle Pass owners which costs $8.
  • 14:53 Paris Saint-Germain Esports buys up Team Huma for $70k and rebrands them under PSG banner. Team Huma’s owner Behdad Jaafarian was forced to sell the team by Riot Games after not paying his players the minimum compensation and failing to fulfill his contractual obligations to his players. Behdad says he will use the money from the sale to pay what he owes his players.
  • 16:19 Will Green points out CSGOStrong found another loophole by having users deposit their CSGO skins into their website and convert the value of the skin into their virtual currency SKN points. Those SKN points can then be used to purchase skins. Keeping Valve still technically facilitating gambling. Clever girl.
  • 18:35 Riot Games donates $3.5M to protect Korean culture heritage.
  • 18:44 Juan Debiedma Hungrybox quits his day job as an engineer to pursue competitive Melee full time. w/ Mark Register

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