Civ 6 Esports, ERacing, Sumail Hassan Time Magazine | Esports in a Nutshell


  • 0:07 Team Liquid launches their Civilization division for newly released Civ 6 with Stephen Takowsky “MrGameTheory” who works in finance has been playing Civ since it came out in 1991 ranking first in Civ 4 & 5 and also plays for Liquid’s Clash Royale team.
  • 2:30 Turner & WME | IMG’s ELeague partners with FIA Formula E Championship for the Las Vegas eRace January 7th at CES with a $1M prize pool. All 20 In Real Life Formula E drivers will compete against eachother and 10 fans for a top prize of $200k. All players will make a minimum of $20k, even 30th place.
  • 3:25 17 year old Sumail Hassan lands a spot in Time Magazine’s 30 Most Influential Teens of 2016 reminding us that with part of his $2.3M in prize winnings this year so far, he bought a house for his parents and 5 siblings.

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