Fnatic Book Highlights & Riot’s Decline

Esports News UK does a great write up on some of the fun takeaways from Fnatic’s new book including

Girls and randoms are not allowed in the house as their house location in Berlin is secret and they don’t want people to be waiting outside all the time.

Fnatic founder Sam Matthews sold his car for $6k to start the organization and his mom encouraged him to do it.

But most importantly, Fnatic’s former League of Legend’s coach Luis Sevilla “Delior” says “I honestly don’t think that League of Legends will be here in 20 years. The whole eSports scene will continue to expand but the games won’t remain the same. You look at a game like StarCraft II which was huge not so long ago, but is now fairly small. Counter Strike & Dota are still popular but in their newer versions. League of Legends 2 is the next step to take, to keep the game popular. If the game is still around in 20 years, that would be awesome, but I think it’s part and parcel of the evolution of technology, which gaming is always such a servant to, that it won’t be.” Esports News UK also points out Riot has 5 games rumored to be in the works.

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