MechWarrior’s Regional Finalist Supporter Pack DISASTER

Piranha Games owned MechWarrior Online’s World Championship sells Regional Finalist Supporter Packages for $10 with a 50/50 split for the developers and the prize pool which is at $150k and counting. The supporter packs provide branded gear from your favorite team but the teams didn’t agree for their brand to be used and are making $0 off the transactions. Piranha games responds to the problem by offering 100% of the money from the supporter packages to the prize pool but not giving money to the teams directly. PvP reports that they now are pulling the Regional Finalist Support Pack all together and giving out refunds in turn decreasing the prize pool. Very curious move as they could have salvaged the situation by giving money to the teams but instead scrapping it.

When you’re a startup you ask forgiveness not permission but when you’re a pretty well established company and taking on a high profile project that seeks public attention, you can’t do obvious no-nos like taking brand identities someone else owns and slapping them on your product and making money off their brand without giving them money. Then shuffling the money you made into the prize pool, then instead of working out a revenue share with the brands involved which you should have done in the first place you just lower your prize pool and refund all purchases, making everyone involved pretty unhappy. Whoops.

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