Nostalrius Vanilla Servers Will Go Back Up w/ Blizzard or Russia

Nostalrius Begins a community of 30 volunteers, puts up a World of Warcraft Legacy Server called “Vanilla” which allows 150k active users to sign up and play the original WoW 2006 1.12 patch. After a fun run Blizzard sends a cease and desist letter forcing the Vanilla server to be shut down. Nostalrius petitions Blizzard to support volunteer based legacy servers and gets 274k signatures for the movement and 50k of those people say they would pay a subscription fee to use a Blizzard approved Legacy Vanilla Server. Nostalrius continues to say “According to the discussion we had since our official meeting at their headquarters, they now have everything in their hands to fulfil the large community request for Legacy servers, solving all the previous technical issues they highlighted during the feedback they provided. As a consequence, if Blizzard doesn’t make an announcement to honour their own core values, be sure that we will.” Suggesting Nostalrius will relaunch their servers out of Blizzard’s jurisdiction… some say Russia is the most likely place for re-booting their server previously housed in France. Given Blizzard will not respond to the petition until after Blizzcon the question is, who’s going to act first.

To defend Blizzard’s side of this story it’s important to note that the Vanilla server is giving away Blizzard’s game that took tens of millions of dollars to develop, for free. To be fair to Nostalrius, they’re managing a pretty sizeable server for free. And the game that inspired Blizzard employees to make WoW in the first place, Everquest, faced the same problem of having a volunteer legacy server providing their original version of the game for free on their 1999 server, but surprisingly the makers of Everquest embraced them and gave their seal of approval.

But let’s go back to why anyone would want to play a really old version of a game that is very much supported, well patched, and updated with expansions every year.

Because the good old days are always better. More specifically the game had a completely different experience than it does now. It was a slower pace, painfully slow. Leveling to 60 took weeks or months of intense grinding. Doing that grind without the help of in game friends, which you got by randomly helping people to get them to help you out. Then if you’re lucky, one of those friends help vouch for you to get into guild so you could more easily join raids and group quests to level up faster. Some people ::points to self:: did it the hard way because all of their real life friends were too impatient to help them level because I came on late and struggled for months walking back and forth to the edge of the world and back for quests that many times I spent most of the day begging strangers to help me complete the quest so I could finally get to level 40 and get a mount. ::cough::

I digress. Regardless even when you did get other people on board you’d cancel real life plans to spend 30 minutes getting everyone together, 30 minutes getting to the dungeon or quest, and 15 minutes doing the raid then 15 minutes looking at your shiney new stuff or crying because someone else got the really good item. So the best case, well run scenario took 90 minutes minimum.

With the latest versions you can log in for 30 minutes and get a lot done.

Given this is a very subjective topic… what are your thoughts?

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