LA 2024 Esports Olympics on the Table

The committee to bring the 2024 Olympics to LA says they will ask the International Olympic Committee to put Esports into the “2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in LA… [which] would enable the International Olympic Committee to stay at the cutting-edge of digital youth engagement.” Between the LA 2024 committee, KeSPA and the International Esports Federation, Esports is building up allies in the quest to bring Esports to the Olympics. But say that happens… what games will take part and if those games are allowed what happens if they come out with a sequel, expansion, or patch between being included in the Olympics and the actual event? Also another 1st, 1st world problem… if Smash is included will Melee or the latest Smash X version be used for the competition? Those are not rhetorical questions, put your answer in the comment section or your game won’t make it into the Olympics. Fact.

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