Facebook Game Room & Potential Vainglory Partnership

Facebook launches their desktop gaming platform Gameroom, a potential Steam competitor focusing more on gaming. Mobile MOBA Vainglory game maker Super Evil Megacorp is in talks with Facebook to work together after signing a multimillion dollar three year partnership with Twitch to produce and broadcast Vainglory Tournaments.

Facebook is getting aggressive with building out their livestream platform, game engine & platform, securing video game developer/publisher partnerships like Blizzard Activision and potentially Super Evil MegaCorp’s Vainglory.

Blizzard built into their games a streamlined Facebook live set up so anyone can broadcast their gameplay on Facebook easily.

It’s unlikely the Twitch audience is going to migrate to Facebook to watch streams unless they have to. Which Azubu and Hitbox spend a lot of money on acquiring the exclusive rights to make you go on their platform but end up with low viewership causing both platforms to struggle to stay financially afloat before being acquired or their next round of funding to give them more time to be acquired.

The Valve Steam & Twitch communities are in no rush to go to Facebook but Facebook has the opportunity to create a unique seamless experience between social, gaming, and livestreaming. Youtube is trying to dethrone Twitch for livestreaming and Twitch is trying to dethrone YouTube for VODs but they are both losing their respected war.

Facebook will not be the destination for competitive gamers or viewers but has the opportunity to rebuild what they had in 2009 with Zynga, a destination for casual social gaming.

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