Steam Thumbnail Rules

Steam’s upcoming update will require actual screenshots not manufactured ones saying “please show customers what your game is actually like to play.” Which Valve used to themselves use concept art instead of screenshots of their games as well like Dota. But if you look at most every single physical video game published up until the last say ten years they all use artwork for the cover which often looked nothing like the game with gameplay footage on the back.

When you think about other industries like YouTube, people used to perfectly time scantily clad ladies or other eye catching images precisely where YouTube auto created the video thumbnail. They then opened up the ability for creators to upload their own thumbnail images which are usually VERY misleading. And most recently YouTube picks the the three most interesting stills from your video to choose from, which mine usually involve at least one Oh face.

Coming back to Steam’s new rule if they enforce it across the board then it will be a lot easier to get a sense of the game you’re looking to buy, or you can just go to youtube with an enticing thumbnail to get you click on a let’s play of the game.

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