WESA Arbitration Court | The Good, Bad, Ugly

WESA announce their Arbitration Court which will settle issues like contract disputes, prize money pay out and distribution, financial misconduct and player representation quickly without expensive litigation, or an appeal process. Many publications have expressed their distrust of WESA as it is ½ owned by ESL, ESL’s founder Ralf Reichert is on the board, and WESA only has 8 teams that can potentially keep other organizations from joining. After a heated interview between Rob Crossley and Ralf Reichert, Reichert compares WESA to the beginning of FIFA, NBA, and NFL which he should stop comparing it to FIFA as that’s most notably corrupt organization of the three, NFL less troublesome, and NBA least. So next time Ralf stick with just comparing it to the NBA, as the NBA & Esports are becoming best friends as well. Heck we may even see the NBA create an Esports League.

Having an organization like WESA is important for stability, solving problems, and legitimacy. Those three things will entice more companies to invest in the space, meaning better pay, more jobs, and a better overall Esports experience.

But as Ralf compares WESA to FIFA, which is notoriously corrupt, we need to continue to constructively criticize WESA so it stays on the path of helping Esports (which is what it set out to do) by asking WESA more questions and making suggestions. But remember that constructive criticism is not a barrage of… how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways! But a conversation.

Example Paul Chaloner RedEye brings up a good question, if a player has a problem with ESL or Fnatic who do they bring that up with? That’s a good question, thank you Paul. Given it’s an op in system, if you have a problem with ESL or Fnatic it may be a good idea to settle it privately or if it’s serious and you have the funds, take it to court.

Remember, Blizzard, Valve, and Riot are all judge Judy and executioner for their Esports leagues so for ESL to create an entity that makes rulings with player and team input is a step in the right direction but they need to stop saying that it acts independently of all parties rather their slogan should be, “this is as independant as it gets”

And now is the opportunity for you to tell me how terribly wrong or right I am in the comment section because this is a conversation. ::dukes up:: Converse me.

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