In Whalen Rozelle’s Eyes…

Nate Scott writes an article for For the Win and it’s important to point out something that he points out that apparently we all have missed up until this moment Esports CoDirector “Whalen Rozelle is handsome, with a strong jaw and bright eyes. He smiles nearly in perpetuity, and speaks in the upbeat optimistic tech speak you instantly recognize if you’ve spent more than a few days in Silicon Valley. (He graduated from Stanford in 2005 and worked as a financial analyst at Google before entering the eSports world.) He is the man charged with growing League of Legends into something that will appeal to a broad, mainstream audience, and he speaks with the fervor of a born-again.” Thank you Nate for helping us all see something we missed but it was always there “in Rozelle’s eyes, the light the heat, Rozelle’s eyes, I am complete, Rozelle’s eyes, I see the doorway, Rozelle’s eyes, to a thousand churches, Rozelle’s eyes, I want to touch the light the heat I see in Rozelle’s eyes. See you next time.

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