Echo Fox’s Performance & Next Steps

Ethan Gach reports Ninjas in Pyjamas Counter Strike player Xizt says in an interview, “We didn’t really care too much about the Echo Fox team, I mean come on.”

Echo Fox’s League of Legends team was also almost relegated in this year’s summer split.

Rick Fox addresses the issue that his teams are underperforming by saying “We’re not trying to run our business in the ground, but we’re also not owned by a conglomerate that’s treating Echo Fox like a small part of their board. To be successful in this business you need talented players, and that means you need to connect. You can pay guys money but that still doesn’t mean they’re going to pour in their heart and soul, so it’s definitely important.”

Building a winning team is a delicate balance of strengthening mechanics, adapting to changes in the metagame with regular patches, building new strategies against each team and player, hiring the right support staff and players and finding just the right configuration of all of them, providing downtime to recharge with a life outside of the game, and exercising for the body & mind.

South Korea’s SK Telecom T1 has mastered the balance but North American teams like Echo Fox have not been able to emulate their success.

However the real question is, will a team like Echo Fox find success in emulating a South Korean team like SKT then becoming the better version of them or will trying to be like SKT always keep them falling short and the only answer is a completely new approach?

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