CoD Infinite Warfare Community Blowback Solutions from James “Clayster” Eubanks

Call of Duty’s Infinite Warfare receives an overwhelming backlash from the player community and James Eubanks “Clayster” chimes into the conversation saying being negative will destroy the competitive Call of Duty scene. He suggests that the CoD community should work together on making the changes that he and others feel need to be made instead of gathering in a circle and pleasing each other with affirmation of their mutual hate towards the game developer.

  • James ends his video with “I want sensical, logical debates, I want people to think and speak clearly, and think for themselves… see it from my perspective and maybe we’ll get somewhere.” he contradicts himself… but he redeems himself by saying, “It’s less about loving the game and more about loving the community we built.”
  • It’s easy to have a common enemy, it’s hard to work together in a community and have constructive well researched conversations that help solve problems instead of exacerbating existing ones.
  • To be fair some developers are more open to community feedback than others and your energy may be better spent on playing a new game.
  • But let’s give James’ plan a shot, work together to make the changes we seek. Thank goodness we don’t have this kind of situation in UK and US politics.

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