Turner CEO on ELeague Success, Brave Ventures Acquisition, & NFL Decline

Fox_Mulder_FBI_Agent Cloud9 Fan posts on Reddit that the President of Turner Broadcasting David Levy spoke as a guest at his university saying about ELeague “I don’t get it, but it is the future. Nerds are taking over the world. It does better than anything else we would put in that time slot and it costs us almost nothing.” He also said Turner is happy with ELeague, it’s growing with each season, and they are still figuring out how to convert more of them to the broadcast.

  • To figure out how to make those conversions, Turner acquires Brave Ventures, founded by David Beck & Jesse Redniss, after working together for the last two years on projects like ELeague. The company is a strategic advisory & investment firm specializing in technology, media, and entertainment evolution. The team will now head up TBS & TNT’s new Network Strategy & Innovation team. Their job will include applying their template to new productions of a linear show, Twitch broadcasts, social media, live interactive games, & short form programming.
  • While Turner’s 16 – 35 year old male demographic viewership is moving up with ELeague, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL will most likely shorten their broadcasts by cutting ads and speeding up video reviews and penalty calls to cut the average game length down from 3 hours and 8 minutes as their viewership is on the decline.
  • So Turner is making the right moves and low cost investments to hook in the younger demographic.
  • The question is when and how will organizations like the NFL adopt and integrate the disruptive movement of Esports into their multibillion dollar cash machine?

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